The hottest footballers in the FIFA World Cup 2014

1. Yoann Gourcuff - France


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Yoann Gourcuff is French, tall, dark and extremely handsome. Currently playing midfield for Lyon he was voted player of the year in France in 2009. Even more likeable is the fact he's more than happy to strip of his football shirt (and occasionally even his shorts!) to show his toned physique.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal

cristiano ronaldo

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He's the highest paid footballer in the world raking in an estimated 21m euros. Born on the Portuguese island of Madiera he currently plays as a forward for Spanish team Real Madrid. He's won the FIFA/Ballon d'Or award for the best footballer.

3. Gareth Bale - Wales


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He's the footballer with the largest transfer fee in the world (a record 100 million euros) and a body worth it. Born in Wales he played in the English Champion's League until 2013 when he was transferred to Real Madrid.

4. Ricardo Kaka - Brazil


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More commonly known as Kaka this Brazilian born attacking midfielder plays for Italian Serie A Club Milan. Helped by his skills on the ptich and his dark Brazilian looks he was the first sportsperson to amass 10 million followers on Twitter.

5. Iker Casillas - Spain


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This Spanish goalkeeper is one of the hottest catches this summer at the World Cup in Rio. He is the captain of both Real Madrid, the national Spanish team and acknowledged as one of the finest goalkeepers of the time.

6. Mario Gotze - Germany


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This baby faced midfielder plays for German side Bayern Munich and also on the national team. He's described as one of the side's most up and coming players with excellent technical and dribbling skills - and he makes us dribble too!

7. David Villa - Spain


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Nicknamed El Guaje, which means 'the kid', Villa was the first Spanish player ever to reach 50 international goals and is Spain's top goalscorer of all time. He currently plays for Atletico Madrid in La Liga and also the Spanish national team.

8. Fernando Torres - Spain


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Another Spanish player to make our shortest Torres is just as famous for his hair and good looks as his fancy footwork. A striker for English team Chelsea he also makes the Spanish national side.

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