Why Northern Ireland is the best place on earth

1. We've got amazing natural beauty


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Egypt may have the pyramids; Australia, the Great Barrier Reef; India, the Taj Mahal; but who knew a bunch of odd-shaped rocks could be so beautiful? The basalt rocks of the Giant's Causeway were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. They're Northern Ireland's most popular tourist attraction and we think the most beautiful rocks in the world.

2. We make the best cheese and onion crisps


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There are no better crisps (potato chips if you're on the other side of the Atlantic!) than cheese and onion and no crisp maker than Tayto. Producing thsee top quality potato snacks in Tandragee since 1956 their flavour is so addictive that shipments regular go to far flung corners of the globe to satisfy the cravings of Norn' Irelanders away from home.

3. We built the Titanic


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The most famous ship in the world was built by Belfast's famous yellow cranes. Sure, the supposedly unsinkable ship did sink ... but hey, someone put a huge iceberg in the way. Harland and Wolff is still going strong but more likely to be churning out offshore wind turbines rather than ships - probably for the best.

4. We can all go to Barry's Amusements


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If you lived in Norn' Ireland you will have at least visited Barry's as a kid ... if you weren't one of the lucky few who got one of the highly sought after summer jobs. Ireland's biggest theme park may not have super-sized rollercoasters but who needs them when you have Barry's Big Dipper?

5. We mixed potatoes and bread to make potato bread


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In takes a country of pure genius to mix the two best foodstuffs - potato and bread - to make the glorius potato bread. It's a necessary accompanyment to an Ulster Fry - though likely to cause a carb crisis for anyone on the Atkin's diet.

6. We're pretty good at painting houses


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We don't opt for your standard single colour painted houses - we like to go for a bit more expression. Traditionally murals on houses were used more for political messaging but today you'll find them giving a more positive message on the tourist trail.

7. ... and not so good at building bridges


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Carrick-a-Rede is our famous rope bridge but if you've ever been courageous enough to cross it you'll know we didn't splash on the construction. The wobbly wood and rope structure may make you feel queasy but you won't notice because of the fabulous view.

8. We're a land of monsters


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Game of Thrones may have taken the world by storm but part of the success has been down to the amazing landscapes - with Northern Ireland being the main filming location. You can now take guided tours through Winterland Falls and Storm's End.

9. ... and attractive men


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It's not just our landscape which is being broadcast around the world. We punch above our weight in celebrities too. From the star of the times Jamie Dornan to blockbuster star Liam Neeson our men are some of the stars of Northern Ireland too.

10. We take our parades a little more seriously than at Disney


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Parades are big in Northern Ireland - but sadly not in a Disney way. We're a passionate bunch but sadly our parades often involved more flying bricks then streamers.

11. ... and also our bonfires


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That passion doesn't just stop at our marching. We're big on building bonfires too. The 11th July is the night before the traditional Battle of the Boyne celebrations - but being a political event means it's not welcome by everyone.


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